Why Choose Our Approved Renderers?

Do you need your house rendering? Maybe you have a large commercial rendering project which requires a complete manufacturer certified specification? If you do, you'll be glad to know you are at the right place! Rendit Approved Applicators are required to be amongst the elite of the rendering trade. In order to become Rendit Approved they must be well equipped with the right spray application equipment for the job along with at least one manufacturer accreditation certificate in any of the render systems we supply! It's also crucial that they also must be able to provide evidence of attention to detail in all the render application works they do! All of our approved renderers have had a long relationship working with Rendit so they are tried, tested and the only applicators who can offer our incredible 5 Year Crack Free Guarantee!


The reason we demand so much from our approved renderers is that there's a lot at stake. A correctly done job should look fantastic, with clean straight lines, blemish-free walls with detailing that has a high-end touch.  It should be understood that a lot can go wrong as corners can be cut to save money and/or inexperience of materials can leave you with a finish that is blemished, disappointing, unwarranted or even dangerous!


The Rendit Approved Applicator program is designed to reassure customers that correct manufacturer specification and procedures will be followed. Customers are provided with a manufacturer data sheet which is provided by our technical team. This data sheet contains full details of the application process and materials which the applicator will then follow. The manufacturer will then check the works and issue a fully approved warranty in order to provide you with complete peace of mind!


You'll be even more surprised to discover prices quoted for this service will be extremely competitive so why not give it a try!


So, how does it work?


1. Simply enter your postcode to find contact details of your nearest Rendit Approved Renderers who, provided they have availability, will be more than happy to provide you with a quotation for a fully manufacturer specified render system with a choice from the UK's largest manufacturers such as K Rend, Parex, Weber, Ecorend or Fassa Bortolo! To see what our approved applicators do, why not check out our Youtube Channel?


2. When talking to an approved applicator make sure to mention that you mention that you want a fully manufacturer specified and warranted render system that is also covered by the Rendit 5 Year Crack Free Guarantee under the Rendit approved applicators scheme.


3. The Rendit technical team will obtain then a written manufacturer specification along with warranty upon request. Make sure that you have a copy of this before work commences so you can be assured that correct, safe materials and procedures are being followed. Our approved applicators will be more than happy to explain the process along the way!


4. Once work is complete, admire your rendered property looking the best it possibly can, it's as simple as that!

Rendit approved rendering products on shelves inside warehouse
Rendit approved rendering prep work on house extension
Rendit approved external rendering completed on extension